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National Youth Gathering 2015

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From the Transition Team: Survey Results

The Transition Team wishes to thank the Ascension members that completed the recent Church Assessment Tool (survey).  This tool will help to provide a clear picture of who we are as a church and what directions might be important for our future. The Transition Team presented a brief overview of the survey results on Sunday, June 14.  To view a copy of the presentation, click here.

Narthex Exterior

Summary of Gathering One: “What is God Doing among Us?”

“What is God Doing among Us?”

Assessing our past: Summary from Gathering One

March 15, 2015


Sixty-eight members gathered on Sunday, March 15, 2015, to review ways God has been active in the life of Ascension. We shared memories of events from the past, posted them on a timeline, and then reflected on our journal notes from the scripture readings.  [To read this timeline, please click here .]
Using the scripture and the history of the congregation, we looked for patterns or milestones. The strongest themes to emerge were worship and music, preaching and teaching, pastoral care, social justice, community outreach, education and longevity of programs. Also named were building additions and renovations, effective lay leadership, care for pastors, high Biblical expectations, and a place to share major life events.
Many initiatives have continued over decades while some had a shorter shelf life. Contemporary worship was successful for several years. Others that were significant for a period of time were pulpit exchanges, handicap accessibility, new programming and help with refugees.
Some described the congregation as having a narrow comfort zone regarding change.
Using these patterns, we considered Ascension’s values: actual and perceived. Actual values are what we do while the perceived values are what we would like to do.
The strongest actual values (what we do) are: worship, education, compassion/caring, community outreach and fellowship. Named as actual values, but not as often were: faith, welcoming, eldercare, and music. Also named one time were: faith, managing resources, emphasis on children, family oriented, visitation, preaching, encouraging individual service, witnessing, risk taking, communication, consistency, structure, international worship, comfort and excellence. Some of the actual values named less frequently fit into the categories of the ones most named. For example, music was included in statements about worship.
Perceived values are what we would hope to do or how we would like to be engaged in mission. One of the most desired perceived values was a desire to serve the community. Named most often were: long-term local community outreach, diversity, hands-on service to the community, inclusivity, outreach in evangelism and compassion. Looking both internally and externally, preferred values were: stepping into God’s truth with boldness, loving one another, generosity, openness, flexibility/tolerance, teamwork, understanding the Word, youth participation in worship, and witness. Some challenged the group by adding discomfort as a preferred value, suggesting we need to look beyond our comfort zones.
The values will be the beginnings of the discussion in the next gathering scheduled for April 19, 3 to 5 P.M. in the great hall. We hope to see you there.

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